Telephone Systems

Telephone Systems from Forever Group use the latest VoIP and SIP technology. Calls are carried over the internet.

Cloud Contact Center functionality is also available. This include Call Queueing, Call Recording, and Live reporting.

telephone systems

VoIP Phone System

Our VoIP (Voice over IP) phone systems have many features. We carry your telephone calls over the internet instead of outdated ISDN lines. In addition to voice calls we can provide messaging, presence, video conferencing, and online meetings. We also integrate with other systems including PCs, smartphones, and voicemail-to-email.

telephone systems

Cloud Contact Center

Cloud Contact Center systems are perfect for managing your inbound call traffic and internal teams. We can queue callers during busy periods and direct them to the correct departments. Calls can be recorded with full compliance and various retention periods. Additionally we can also provide live wallboards with detailed reporting.

telephone systems

Business Lines and Calls

Due to our wholesale relationships we are able to provide substantial discounts on regular BT Business Phone Lines and telephone calls. We are able to provide discounts on your telephone calls as well as ISDN2, ISDN30, and SIP trunk business telephone lines. We also offer special pricing on regular analogue lines used for fax or broadband.

Business Phone Systems

Business Phone Systems from Forever Group are industry-leading solutions. Importantly, we can improve your communication with colleagues, clients, and suppliers. We work with leading business telephone system vendors to find the best solution for your needs.

Small Business Phone System

Numerous Small Business Phone System options available. These solutions are designed to scale as you grow. Our systems can support from four up to many hundreds of users. In conclusion, you can be confident that your system is tried-and-tested and built to last.

Cloud Phone System

Cloud Phone System is our preferred deployment model. Fundamentally, this means your system is hosted externally and securely in the Cloud. Importantly, this elimates the need to pay for expensive PBX phone system hardware in your office.

VoIP Telephones

VoIP Telephone solutions carry calls over the internet. The term 'VoIP' stands for 'Voice over Internet Protocol'. As a result, your staff do not need to be in your office to receive office calls. Essentially, this makes our VoIP systems perfect for remote working and 'Work From Home' initiatives.

IP Phone Systems

Our systems are IP-based, meaning that they can be treated as regular network devices. For instance, this means that we are able to share network points between IP Phones and computers. As a result we can significantly reducing the need for extra cabling in your office.

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