O2 Business

We offer the UK's cheapest pricing on O2

Our tools can also help you to manage and monitor your mobile devices

O2 Business

Our O2 Business offers provide special plans and discounts for both O2 Small Business and O2 Corporate customers. We have the UK's best pricing available for both new and existing O2 customers.

O2 Small Business

We have many O2 Small Business options including Single-User plans, Shared Plans, and single-user or shared data allowances. We also offer additional services such as O2 4G Business Mobile Broadband and O2 Business SIM Only.

O2 Corporate

We offer generous corporate discounts for O2 Corporate and O2 Large Business customers that are substantially cheaper than EE published tariffs. We will work with you to review your historical billing and future needs, and put together a bespoke package for you.

O2 Business Phones

We offer a wide selection of mobile devices including Apple iPhone, and Google Android devices from Samsung and other vendors. We will help you with initial setup of your mobile devices, and we can even provide specialist devices such as rugged phones for tough jobs.

Mobile Device Management

Our Mobile Device Management solution is optional and allows you to centrally monitor, secure, and control your mobile devices. Even better, all of our mobile customers receive an instant discount.

FREE Account Management

Our business mobile customers also receive our complimentary and highly experienced mobile account management service - completely free of charge.

We'll assist with the day-to-day administration of your account, leaving you to focus on your business rather than having to call network customer services every time you need anything.

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