Cisco Meraki

Embrace Cisco Meraki cloud-managed networking. Gain visibility and control of your networks, devices, users and traffic from a central online dashboard.

Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki is a cloud-based network stack from Cisco, the market leader in enterprise wired and wireless networks. There are many advantages to Cisco Meraki cloud networking, such as the single pane of glass dashboard - integration between multiple products and services - and the ease of remote management.

Meraki WiFi

Meraki WiFi offers enterprise wireless network technology with proprietary 'mesh' WiFi. This creates a seamless, self-healing WiFi network across any site ranging from 1 to 10,000 wireless access points. In addition to extensive control of internal and guest wireless users, we are able to design 3D WiFi networks tailored to your specific buildings to help ensure quality of service. This can even include specialist requirements such as WiFi voice and location services.

Meraki Firewall

Meraki Firewall offers centralised management and visibility of network edge connectivity at all of your sites. Site-to-site and client VPN provides secure connectivity between sites and for remote workers. Layer 7 traffic inspection gives detailed visibility and control of applications and bandwidth utilisation down to a per-user level. Advanced Security allows you to to add category-based Web Content Filtering, Cisco AMP (Advanced Malware Protection), and Cisco Intrusion Prevention.

Meraki Switching

Meraki Switching combines the simplicity of a cloud-managed dashboard with enterprise-grade hardware to provide the backbone for high performance and resilient wired and wireless networks. Secure, scalable and robust connectivity for all traffic including data, voice, and video communications. Gain advanced remote control with visibility across all traffic and devices throughout your organisation.

Meraki SD-WAN

Meraki SD-WAN creates intelligent, resilient VPN links between your sites. Prioritise key traffic across multiple WAN links. Gain visibility of application health and performance across your estate. Get real-time analytics and insight of WAN usage across each site and network. Control and restrict traffic for less important applications to preserve key business traffic.

Why work with us for Cisco Meraki?

As we have been a Cisco Meraki partner and Cisco Select Certified Partner for many years. We have extensive experience in designing and deploying Cisco Meraki solutions. Whether you have a single site or multi-site organisation - including large WiFi networks, site-to-site connectivity or advanced security requirements - we can support your needs.

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