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What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security by definition is the art of protecting your organisation from cyber threats and cyber attacks. The cyber security challenge is easier once you understand the key cyber security essentials. We have provided an introduction to Cyber Security below.

The first step is knowing which Cyber Threats are the main cyber security risks. This includes malicious internet content, emails threats such as phishing attacks or malicious links and attachments, and malware such as viruses and ransomware.

The importance of cyber security means that we should implement systems to deflect these cyber threats before they even reach your users and devices. This is one of the most essential cyber security facts. Think of this approach as your 'shield'.

In order to avoid the impact of a full-blown cyber attack, it is also important to improve your resilience to cyber threats that breach your perimeter defences. In the industry, we call this attack surface reduction. Think of this part as your 'armour'.

Cyber Security Companies

Cyber Security companies in the UK are commonplace, but not all Cyber Security UK solutions on offer are equal. By working with us, you can be confident that our Cyber Security analyst and Cyber Security consultant services provide good advice.

We will help you to design and implement an effective Cyber Security policy. Cyber Security policies should be designed to block common cyber threats - reduce the attack surface of your organisation - and limit the scope of cyber attacks.

Working with us will give you a useful cyber security risk assessment which will help you to introduce critical cyber security risk management policies. Our cyber security assessment and cyber security architect services can equip you for the future.

When you choose
a Cyber Security company, then we recommend that you at least choose from Cyber Security providers that work with the best Cyber Security systems from the world's best Cyber Security vendors. Here are our Cyber Security partners:

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