VoIP Phone System

VoIP Phone Systems carry calls over the internet, allowing you to save money by ditching your old ISDN telephone lines.

We also include Remote Worker support as standard, which allows your staff to make and receive office calls from home using a mobile phone or laptop.

Not all VoIP systems are made equal - we work with Cisco who are the #1 global market leader. If you want to upgrade an outdated office telephone system, or replace a poor existing VoIP solution, we've got you covered.

VoIP Phone System

VoIP Phone Systems take advantage of 'Voice over Internet Protocol' technology. Calls are carried over the internet rather than old-fashioned telephone lines. As a result, in addition to upgrading your system we actually allow you to save money on lines and calls. All with the latest telephone system features.

We have huge experience in designing, installing, and supporting VoIP phone systems for businesses of all sizes. Additionally, we also work extensively with both charity and academic customers.

Our VoIP systems are all modern software-based solutions. Therefore we help you to avoid the expense of buying traditional PBX hardware. Because of this you simply pay for the licenses and phones. We handle systems of all sizes - from small offices to large multi-site installations.

VoIP Phone Systems are often referred to under different terms. We supply all options including Hosted PBX, Hosted VoIP, IP Phone Systems, VoIP PBX, VoIP Telephone Systems, Business VoIP, SIP Phone System, and Cloud Voice.

Cloud Voice or On-Premises

We provide a variety of systems from leading industry vendors including Cisco, Broadsoft, and 3CX. This means that we can host a system for you or it can be deployed in your office or cloud environment. We help you to choose the best option based on your needs.

With a cloud based phone system, there is no onsite hardware to buy because the system is billed based on features and users. Our main Cloud Voice system is Cisco Broadsoft.

For dedicated or on-premises systems, the costs are based on the amount of call capacity required. The system itself is located in your head office or in a cloud datacenter. Our main dedicated system is 3CX.

Cisco Broadsoft

Cisco Broadsoft is the Cisco VoIP cloud voice telephone system that also powers BT Cloud Voice. It is hosted in UK-based datacenters, which allows you to avoid paying for expensive PBX hardware and reduces maintenance.

We also provide cheaper pricing than BT 'direct', and we include more features as standard.

The system is generally billed 'per user' with a wide variety of features available. This includes integration with PCs and CRM systems, as well as support for mobile smartphones. We are also able to add Cloud Contact Center, Call Recording and Live Reporting.

Cisco Broadsoft offers collaboration features including instant messaging and presence, and online meetings with voice and video conferencing. Please contact us for pricing and information on Broadsoft Cisco solutions.


3CX is an enterprise-grade telephone system. It is hosted in your office or in a datacenter as a cloud solution. 3CX is billed 'per concurrent call'. As a result it is an ideal choice for organisations with lots of users or sites but relatively low call volumes.

The solution has a wide feature list similar to Cisco Broadsoft. This can include integration with IT systems and mobile devices. Because 3CX is an advanced system, Call Center functionality and Call Recording is available for managing and monitoring your calls.

3CX also offers collaboration features including instant messaging and presence, and online meetings with voice and video conferencing. Please contact us for 3CX pricing and 3CX cost information, 3CX SIP Trunks, or to discuss our 3CX Cloud offerings.

Cloud Contact Center

Our Cloud Contact Center solutions help you to manage inbound callers effectively. We provide ACD (Automated Call Distribution) which allows you to queue callers with hold music during busy periods. Additionally, IVR menus allow callers to be routed to the correct department.

We integrate with your other systems and provide compliant Call Recording. Live Wallboards with Advanced Analytics. Our detailed reporting allows you to understand your customer call flows and monitor agent behaviour.

Business Phone Lines and Calls

Our telephone systems are powered by SIP technology. SIP carries your voice calls over the internet, instead of using outdated analogue and ISDN telephone lines.

We replace your expensive ISDN2 or ISDN30 lines with our cloud voice systems or by using SIP Trunks. Because of this change, you can also dramatically reduce your costs for both ISDN line rental and telephone calls.

To find out how our VoIP telephone systems could save you money and improve communication across your organisation, click below for free advice