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Microsoft 365 is available from many IT providers and Microsoft directly. However, working with us gives you access to Microsoft expert resources. We have deployed thousands of Microsoft 365 licenses. This includes businesses of all sizes, as well as charities and education institutions.

Therefore, with convenient monthly billing and price-matching to Microsoft ‘direct’, getting your Microsoft 365 licenses from us is a win-win situation. Even better, you can easily add related key services such as Advanced Email Security and Cloud Backup. Again, these services are provided at excellent pricing with convenient monthly billing. No more annual up-front license purchases.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a suite of cloud software products from Microsoft. For example, Microsoft Office apps. Productivity tools such as Exchange Online Cloud Email. Personal file storage with OneDrive for Business. Shared file storage with SharePoint online. Plus Online Meetings, Video Conferencing and Collaboration from Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft 365 also encompasses world-class security services, designed to help keep your data and users secure. Examples include multi-factor authentication, user risk and threat analytics, device management, and GDPR compliance. Microsoft 365 allows you to do work smoothly and securely.

Microsoft Office 365 Apps

Microsoft 365 Office 365 apps provide the familiar Microsoft Office desktop software that your staff are familiar with. Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft OneNote. Plus Microsoft Access and Microsoft Publisher (PC Only). This software package alone is worth £300 per device.

In addition, generous licensing allows installation on up to five devices per user (PCs, Macs, iPhone and Android) at no extra cost. Even better, unlike traditional off-the-shelf versions of Microsoft Office, Microsoft 365 subscriptions are automatically updated to future versions. As a result, you constantly have the latest version of Microsoft Office at your fingertips.

Exchange Online

Microsoft Exchange Online is an enterprise-class email solution, stored in the Microsoft Cloud. Work within Outlook or use the convenient Outlook Online webmail. Synchronise email, contact and calendars with mobile devices such as Apple iOS and Android.

Exchange Online offers a generous 150MB attachment limit with 50GB storage allowance per person. This can be increased to 100GB with Unlimited Archiving, to meet the needs of even the most demanding email user.

In addition, Exchange Online can be customised for security and compliance. From Litigation Hold to Message Encryption to DLP (Data Loss Prevention) policies.

OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business provides 1TB of personal cloud storage per user. This allows users to access their files, from any approved device in any location - without being tied to a server. This makes it particularly useful for Work From Home initiatives.

Even better, OneDrive for Business can be used to share files securely with other users in a secured way. This can include files that would be too large to send as email attachments.

OneDrive for Business can also be used to automatically back up the camera roll from iPhone or Android devices. In addition to safeguarding important photos, this also makes transferring business images to a computer very easy.

SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online goes beyond OneDrive for Business and provides central shared storage for your users. Users can collaborate, share, and organise files and documents without the use of a server.

As a result, this makes SharePoint Online ideal for organisations with multiple sites or remote workers, that need to work together. In many cases, organisations can do away with using a server for file storage altogether.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a cloud collaboration tool. Chat with individual users or groups based on teams or projects. Collaborate on work and documents. Hold online meetings and presentations. Communicate face-to-face with Video Conferencing.

Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner provides simple but powerful Kanban-style project management. This can be used as a standalone product or within Microsoft teams.

Organise your projects in to tasks and assign them to individual members of staff. Set deadlines and track progress. Create checklists to ensure that vital steps are completed. All with central visibility.

Cyber Security

It is important that you have adequate Cyber Security in place to protect your Microsoft 365 users. We can configure your Microsoft 365 environment to include Microsoft Secure Score improvements such as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Additionally, we can also provide Advanced Email Security to help protect you from spam, phishing attacks, fraud, malicious links, malware, and other malicious email-borne cyber attacks.

Cloud Backup

Just like data stored on a Windows PC or Server, Microsoft leave customers responsible for backing up the email and files they store in Microsoft 365.

We can provide cloud-to-cloud backup of Microsoft 365 data. For example, your emails - or files stored in OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online. As a result, you have protection against a cyber attack - accidental deletion - or even insider threat.

In conclusion, a safe copy of all your data will be encrypted and stored securely for your peace of mind.

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