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Work From Home

Work From Home as easily as the office

Receive your office telephone calls from home

Enjoy online meetings with video conferencing

Secure remote access to company data

Protect home users against cyber threats

Equip your staff to work from home with the following support from Forever Group

Work From Home

Work From Home can be a challenging task to accomplish. At the heart of any modern organisation is collaboration, and usually that involves interaction with colleagues and clients face to face.

However, with modern technology we can help you and your teams to work efficiently from remote locations or at home. As a result, we will equip you with a modern and flexible mobile workforce. This is invaluable both now and in the future.

IT Support

Our IT Support solutions will give you the confidence that the IT needs of your staff are being taken care of, wherever they are. For example, our cloud monitoring and support tools allow us to provide technical assistance to your employees at home, just as easily as in the office.

Business Mobile

Business Mobile phones are perhaps the easiest way to equip your staff for remote working. We can help you with flexible contract terms and discounted tariffs to ease the cost of extra Business Mobile adoption.

We can add extra mobile users from as little as just £5 per month. In addition, we can even equip your teams to make and receive your office telephone calls using an easy smartphone application

VoIP Phone System

Our VoIP Phone System provides Work From Home support as standard. Calls are carried over the internet, and therefore staff can make and receive office telephone calls using a laptop or mobile phone.

In conclusion, this creates a transparent experience for your customers and suppliers. This helps to retain valuable business.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a cloud based collaboration suite. For example. Microsoft 365 allows your teams to share documents with SharePoint, without requiring access to your office server.

In addition, Microsoft Teams allows you to hold online meetings with full presentation and video conferencing functionality.

Further, a generous licensing model also allows Microsoft Office desktop software to be rolled out to extra PCs such as laptops, at no extra charge.

Cisco Networking

Our Cisco Network solutions allow us to provide fast and secure VPN and teleworker access to onsite systems. This allows your users to work from home as though they are sat in the office. As a result, all communication to and from the office is fully encrypted using Cisco VPN technology.

Cyber Security

With staff working remotely, it is essential that they remain protected while outside of the office. Our advanced multi-layer Cyber Security solutions are cloud-based. As a result, we can extend our Cyber Security systems to remote workers. We protect them from web threats, email attacks, and malware, all while they work from home.

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