MaaS360 from IBM, is a Mobile Device Management solution that allows you to secure, control and monitor the mobile devices in use across your organisation.

We offer discounts on MaaS360 for customers with 10+ devices who also use us for their Business Mobile services.

What is Mobile Device Management?

MaaS360 is a Mobile Device Management solution (or 'MDM'). This is a software solution that is installed on your mobile devices for centralised control. It allows you to monitor your mobile devices for compliance and data usage, apply security policies, deploy applications, locate or wipe lost and stolen devices, and more. This can be very important for lots of reasons.

Why should I choose MaaS360?

MaaS360 is an IBM product - a company renowned for enterprise security and cloud software services. It is a cloud-based solution that is hosted by IBM and can be accessed from a web browser. As an IBM Business Partner we can supply MaaS360 licenses to you and provide configuration, deployment and support services. We provide discounts for certain packages and we can offer additional discounts where your mobile communications services are also provided by us.

Which devices are supported?

MaaS360 serves as an Apple MDM and Android MDM solution, supporting both smartphones and tablets running iOS or Android software. All Android device vendors are supported including Samsung, Sony, LG, Motorola, Huawei, and more. The solution also supports Windows 10 device management making it ideal for managing Windows laptops and tablets within your organisation.

What can I control?

Control options vary based on device support however can include: Allowed applications whitelist, encryption enforcement, enforcing passcodes and other security policies, delivery of WiFi and email credentials, pushing applications to devices, restricting certain device features, and much more. Devices can also be remotely wiped if lost or stolen.

What can be monitored?

Devices can be monitored for compliance to any of the security policies that you choose, ranging from encryption status to unauthorised applications and almost everything in between. Many aspects of the device can be reviewed at any time including current user and recent GPS location. The product also includes Data Expense Management to help you identify excess data usage before it becomes a large billing problem, which may also help you to save money on your mobile bills.

Which advanced security features are available?

Secure Email and Chat can be provided for safe communications. Secure VPN communication back to head office resources such as intranet sites, browser-based CRM and file shares can also be provided. We can provide browser and malware protection as a security layer for mobile devices. Many other safety features are available that we are happy to discuss in more detail.


£ 3 Per Device Per Month
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Mobile App Management
  • Identity & Expense Management


£ 4 Per Device Per Month
  • Secure Mobile Email
  • Secure Mobile Chat
  • Assistant


£ 5 Per Device Per Month
  • Secure Browser
  • OS VPN
  • Gateway for Docs/Apps


£ 7 Per Device Per Month
  • Mobile Document Editor
  • Mobile Document Sync
  • Mobile Threat Management

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